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Paleomoove Laboratory   

Nicolas Tourment is a cabinetmaker and sculptor by training. From an early age, he was passionate about paleontology and after several years of research and work, he succeeded in becoming a CECOA Expert (European Chamber of Consultants in Works of Art). He specializes in the preparation of palaeontological fossils such as the release, cleaning and preparation of palaeontological and luxury decorative pieces.

Also specialized in the assembly of large skeletons (mammoths, dinosaurs, rhinos, cave bears), through its meticulous and functional work.

Nicolas is now recognized by his peers and enlightened amateurs, solicited for the quality of his work.

Creation in 2011 of the company Paleomoove Laboratory.

He travels the world in search of the piece he has chosen meticulously and that he will be able to highlight. In this way, he magnifies the works of nature that become works of art in his hands and acquire an irreproachable aesthetic. Each piece becomes a unique and stamped piece.

Nicolas has transformed his passion into art. We can take up to his advantage the quote of Edgar Degas: « Art is not what you see, but what you make others see ».

If Nicolas addresses himself above all to museums and to a clientele of great collectors, his ambition is not only to share and make paleontology known to as many people as possible and to make them aware of the richness of our distant past, but also to create a strong emotion in the face of such beauty. Nicolas allows us to take a journey into the origins of our world.



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